Weird Week 9

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2011
Weird Week 9

What is it that makes a week weird? (After all, isn’t one man's weird another's normal?) Do we have to experience an emotional shift to register an event outside society’s definition of the expected for us to psychologically categorise the experience as weird? If the event occurred frequently enough, would we be obliged to change our labelling? Does there have to be a physical event at all? For example, if you left work and suddenly realised that at no point during the day did you imagine your work "mates" being forced to eat their own faces while you sat tweeting and sipping tea, would you define that as weird? Sundays are the perfect day to ponder such things. What is it that makes a week weird? A giant bisexual crazed squid and a hitman with a heart certainly help...

Party like you’re dead –

Medieval zombie scare –

Giant African snails invade Miami (slowly) –

Sperm bank rejects redheads –

Plant that sows its own seeds –

Toe-sucking bandit on the loose –

Why no ticket? –

Seismologists on trial for earthquake –

Squirrel vs cobra –

Bi-sexual crazed squid roam ocean depths –

Dumpling champ dies from eating too many dumplings –

Giant armadillo caught on camera –

Hobbit builds house in Wales –

Coroner declares death by spontaneous combustion –

Mystery creature puzzles zookeepers –

Hitman falls in love with mark, stages her death –

And poor Scarlett Johansson –

Until next week!

Discovery “Caddy” footage –

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