Weird Week 8

Published on Sunday, September 18, 2011
Weird Week 8

“The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear.” In other words, everything has an equal opposite, a force that flows the other way. Day has night. Right has left. Good has evil. Alcohol has hangovers. Bacon has vegetables. Crisps have slim-fast. Stake Land has Twilight, and for every Saturday there’s always a Sunday. It’s just the way of things – who are we to fight it?

Here’s a link to a very large collection of cute kitten pictures and here’s Weird Week 8.

Female vampire bites flesh from man’s face –

Killer clothes horse –

Face of a killer? –

Boxing champ hunts yeti –

Injecting hot beef fat into face not the cause of death –

Study zombies, Jedis and Harry Potter at university –

Glowing cats cure aids? –

Super computer “Dr Watson” to diagnose and treat patients –

Eel vs penis –

Happy Feet not so happy –

Severed thumb = a big toes up –

Toothless man arrested for eating raw beef (Walmart) –

Gumby turns himself in (follow up) –

Ghost Rider woken by Fudgesicle-wielding naked man -

Fireball UFO –

Planet orbits two moons –

Man sentenced to 5 years for planning to eat president Obama –

And now back to the kittens. Until next week!

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