Weird Week 6

Published on Sunday, September 4, 2011
Weird Week 6

Hey there, Sunday. Good to see you again. So what have you been up to all week? What's that you say? You've been working on a nefarious plan to capture Saturday and through a number of increasingly grotesque torture techniques reduce its runtime? And what's more, you've succeeded? You're going to progress to weekdays next, ultimately enabling the Sunday Fear to embed itself in every single afternoon? But isn't the entire reason for Sunday to relax and ponder the week gone by? To eat a meal three times as big as required? To spend time with your loved ones and for one day only not feel obliged to hold your stomach in? I don't think I like your plan. It's hard to imagine such a weird week.

Aliens (made of breadcrumbs and chicken skin) land and have a walk around –

Man jailed for “bean bomb” –

Take a trip to hell (and back) –

Corporate haircut –

UFO sightings up 67% in last 3 years –

Dolphins and dinner plates –

Man drives burning car... into a petrol station –

King Arthur's round table found in Scotland –

The Body Juicer –

New Earth found? –

New Jack the Ripper e-fit –

Hatchet murderer blames ghost –

Mass tomato fight –

The bones of Ned Kelly –

Your credit card wants to kill you –

Eat your face! –

Mutant pig “alien” –

Domino's pizza restaurant... on the moon-

And finally, after years of debate and innumerable studies psychologist have (sadly) found conclusive proof that violent video games do adversely affect children. Until next week –

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