Weird Week 5

Published on Sunday, August 28, 2011
Weird Week 5

Sunday. The most loved and loathed day of all. On the one hand you get to sleep in, swallowing painkillers like Skittles. You get to wear your PJ's until it's time to venture out for the Sunday papers and Red Bull. You get to admire your three day stubble before the rash-inducing pre-work shave (and that's just the ladies). On the other hand, post midday you suffer the inevitable onset of the Sunday Fear. Gradually growing in the pit of your stomach, leaving you almost incapable of keeping down those slightly-burnt-yet-tastier-than-God’s-own-bacon Yorkshire Puddings. A mixed day, to say the least. Thank goodness for Weird Week 5.

Man blows up his bottom –
Nessie party –
Police Officer killed in Grease Devil riot –
Chainsaw-wielding, fish-kissing man is “misunderstood” –
Clowns protest  “creepy” image (warning – creepy clown video) –
3.4 billion year old microbes found –
Top 12 most toxic hell holes-
Bull semen halts traffic –
Sex drive –
Museum ghost –
Flash and slash –
Earth swallowed by solar storm –
History channel to look at the best UFO evidence –

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