Weird Week 3

Published on Sunday, August 14, 2011
Weird Week 3

Sundays. What are they good for? Some will use Sunday to look back at the week's tragic events, trying to understand why we do what we do. Some will start to rebuild their livelihoods. Some will help others come to terms with the senseless violence they have experienced or witnessed. Others will do what they can to get London back on her feet. And we can hope some will identify more of the looters that are yet to be named and shamed. A few of us will take a break and catch up on the week's less shameful, somewhat weirder news to lift our spirits and fight the Sunday Fear. It's Weird Week 3. 


The Redneck Olympics

Mystery Roadkill

Shark woods

Mystery Solved

Super Mouse

Bat flies business class

Rare Polar dinosaur tracks found in Australia

Jawbone of gigantic prehistoric bird found

Black Widows found in Lincolnshire

Scorpion goes bananas

This will end badly

Kicking ass in the Lords house

Not safe for work? 

Until next week -


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