Weird Week 2

Published on Sunday, August 7, 2011
Weird Week 2

Another weird week, another Sunday. Time to stay in bed until that small animal that's made its home in your mouth cleans top to bottom and moves out. Time to buy ludicrously large newspapers and put them where everyone can see while having no intention of reading a single page. Time to ponder the backlog of jobs that needed doing last weekend. Time to watch TV you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. And, of course, time to look back at the week’s weirdest news with a sense of relief that it's not you who has encountered these horrific freaks of nature – or indeed the creatures they've come across...

BBC reporter sees UFO –

Floating island –

Blood red lake –

Man has hysterectomy –

Human trees –

The Tunnel –

Giant fungus –

Noisy eyeballs –

DIY nuclear reactor –

World’s largest tooth marks –

Killer plant eats tit -

What lives below –

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