Weird Week 162

Published on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Weird Week, your one-stop-shop for all the news that makes us feel happier about our own lives! This week we prove that Jesus did in fact marry and have children, uncover a mass grave on Tunbridge Wells, spot ghosts in holiday snaps, jump on tiger sharks, search for the man with no hands or legs who’s armed and on the run, ponder the women who came back from the dead, and observe UFOs from a plane, all while avoiding a tiger on the loose near Disneyland Paris. Read on for all this and much more. Enjoy!

Mass grave discovered in Tunbridge Wells

Jesus 'married Mary Magdalene and had children', according to ancient manuscript

Ghostly figure appears in THREE holiday snaps

Man buys home, finds corpse inside

Denmark's Only Exorcist Is Rather Busy

Ghost Hunter Stabs Himself Outside ‘Haunted’ House

Police Say Man With No Hands and No Legs Is Armed and On the Run

Airline Passenger Films UFO Flying Over Iran

Australian woman paid out after dog ran her over

Witchmarks to protect King James I from evil found at Knole

Woman burned alive in Paraguay after witchcraft accusation

There’s a tiger on the loose near Disneyland Paris

Polish woman wakes in morgue after being declared dead


Man spots a tiger shark from his boat, decides to jump on it

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