Weird Week 161

Published on Sunday, November 9, 2014

Are you ready for your (mostly) regular weird news fix? Has last night’s hangover subsided enough for you to read about snakes emerging from toilets, four-acre-long spider webs, ghostly children, clown attacks, goats possessed by the devil, scientifically induced trips to “the other side”, Slender Man, Bigfoot and many more tales of the strange and unusual? If so we highly recommend another aspirin, a hot cup of coffee and, if you’re feeling peckish, perhaps a tasty minge pie?

Poetry lover stabbed prose fan after argument over which literary genre was better

Man Calls a Suicide Prevention Hotline, SWAT Team Shows Up and Kills Him

This goat is definitely possessed by the devil

Vigilantes held as clown panic spreads in France

Bakerwooo line: Ghost child spotted on tube

Brain Surgeon Visits the ‘Other Side’ and Lives to Tell You About It

After Gaining Paranormal Fame, Ghost Hunting Spirit Summoners Burn Historic 'Ghost Church' to the Ground

Exam finds girl fit for trial in Slender Man case; defence challenges

Man dressed as zombie struck by hit-and-run driver in Nunica

London museum planned to ‘shoot and steal Nessie’

Priest performs exorcism in family home after boy shares bath with a ghost

New ‘sightings’ in Queensland of the mythical Yowie have sparked a spat between rival hunters

Another arrested as clown fear grips France

Russia: Health agency warns selfies 'spread head lice'

Iceland’s ‘minge pies’ are a perfect example of why typography is important

'Ghostly presence' created in lab

This 4 acre spider web is the stuff of nightmares

Woman in hospital after python emerges from toilet and attacks her

Man cured of spider fear after part of his brain is removed

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