Weird Week 160

Published on Sunday, October 26, 2014

This week isn’t the best week to be a clown. Granted, this is true most weeks of the year, but this one is particularly bad. What with the return of American Horror Story and their version of the often-feared children’s entertainer, coupled with reports of clowns assaulting folks with sex toys, clowns 'disturbing' people in the streets, and armed clowns running amok in Paris, perhaps you’d better rethink that genius circus-based Halloween costume. Read on for details, along with cannabis-munching sheep, a flying man, secret space planes, the first infrared image of the Loch Ness Monster, the return of the black-eyed ghost, and conclusive proof that rubber ducks can kill your sex drive. That’s right, folks, it’s time for Weird Week!

Cannabis-munching sheep left high as a kite after eating through £4,000 worth of drugs

Portsmouth mystery clown 'disturbing' people in streets

Fear of 'armed clowns' grips northern France

Clowns with sex toys assaulted haunted house patrons

Sex 'emerged in ancient Scottish lake'

Passengers baffled by man ‘flying’ past their plane

Man divorces wife 'possessed by genie'

Secret space plane lands at US air force base after unknown two-year mission

Was King Harold really killed by an arrow in the eye?

Charles Fort's Entire Note Collection Becoming Available Soon

Creamer packaging features Hitler and Mussolini mugs

3,000-year-old Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus that once held a mummy discovered in living room of Essex pensioner

What's lurking in Sweden's waters?

THE first infrared image of the Loch Ness Monster will be revealed at Scotland’s first Paranormal Festival.

Psychic gets best photo yet of Black Eyed Child ghost

Man fights off bear with old computer

Rubber ducks can kill your sex drive, research finds

Jack the Ripper: Scientist who claims to have identified notorious killer has 'made serious DNA error'

Until next week!

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