Weird Week 157

Published on Sunday, September 28, 2014

This week’s edition of Weird Week is not only one of the weirdest collection of news stories we’ve ever had the pleasure of posting, but it’s also one of the most amusing. Not only is the utterly bizarre behaviour our fellow humans indulge is more than enough to warrant a smile, but it’s funny simply because it didn’t happen to you. Read on for alien eggs, fireballs in the sky, pensioners chucking grenades, Nic Cage in general, satanic colouring books, opium-laced noodles, the black beast, a lake monster and the creation of a burger that tastes like human flesh. Oh yes, and let us not forget the Christian ‘ex-gay’ porn star who’s adamant the devil comes out of your anus when you have gay sex… Enjoy!

Christian ‘ex-gay’ porn star: The devil comes out of your anus when you have gay sex

Nicolas Cage buys haunted house for horror novel

Kate Hudson See Ghosts, Explains How to Talk to Them

Scientists Puzzled by Green 'Alien Eggs' Found on Sydney Dee Why Beach

A sign of alien life - or just a UFO hoax?

Florida Satanic Church To Pass Out Children's Colouring Books In Public Schools

Has the Yeti Come to the Moscow Region?

Ghost scares school kids off the class!

This Bizarre Organism Builds Itself a New Genome Every Time It Has Sex

Burned armpit hair leads to crash; five teens injured

Another sighting of the infamous Black Beast!

'Greatest gift' as girl, born with 'no blood', starts school

Man suffering from Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome has 100 orgasms a day

So, someone’s gone and created a burger which tastes of human flesh

Pensioner 'drops grenade' on noisy teenagers who were keeping him up at night

Restaurant 'sold opium-laced noodles'

Four Fireballs Seen Over Eastern US Within 24 Hours

Icy mass is Icelandic lake monster, says panel

Man steals car – then drives it to his probation meeting

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