Weird Week 1

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2011
Weird Week 1

Sundays. We like Sundays here at LTZ towers. They give us the time to reflect on the week’s lack of achievements. They give us time to chuckle at the incomprehensibly bad horror films we’ve watched and dissected so you don’t have to. They give us time to plan what we have no intention of actually doing next week. And sometimes they give us the chance to look back at the week’s weirdest news stories, allowing us to point at our screens, laughing, crying or trying not to vomit. Grab a brew, folks, there be Beasties, werewolves, ghosts and Jesus Christ Himself beyond the break...

It had to happen sooner or later. Werewolf religion -

A new photo of Nessie? Maybe if you squint and stand really far away...

Spaceship discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea –

Massive dog –

Malnourished monkey masquerades as alien –

Pub named after famous ghost –

Jesus Christ interviewed, apocalypse imminent –

Children sold to fund video game addiction –

Did Splice teach us nothing?

Giant aquatic albino humanoid sea creatures of the Antarctic –

Until next week...


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