Weird Week (1)

Published on Sunday, November 23, 2014

For those of you wanting to experience a varied range of emotions while enjoying your freshly brewed coffee this cold Sunday morning, we can oblige, for each story below will spark a different emotional reaction. Ranging from sad, upsetting, depressing to uplifting, funny, twisted and the utterly strange, read on for God Boy, Jesus being arrested, students having sex with sheep, the man who hears colours, flesh pastries, a father’s body parts ‘used for TV stand’, a real-life 'unicorn', and a chap who accidentally hits ‘masturbate mode’ on his fake arm during a TV interview.

Baby born with four arms and four legs has been dubbed God Boy

'Philly Jesus' arrested for disorderly conduct

Student who ‘had sex with sheep’ was ‘stressed about exams’

The man who hears colour

Mammoths could live again after ‘Jurassic Park’ breakthrough

Three accused over human flesh pastries

Father’s body parts ‘used for TV stand’

Exclusive new pictures INSIDE Siberian crater

Real-Life 'Unicorn' Found

Outrage after Nazi Christmas baubles are put up for sale on online marketplace

A third of Britons believe their house is HAUNTED

Tiger on the loose near Disneyland Paris ‘not a tiger’

Image of Virgin Mary grows on tree in Iowa

New Area 51 alien autopsy image is ‘smoking gun’, researcher claims

Guy accidentally hits ‘masturbate mode’ on his fake arm during TV interview

Body art fanatic spends seven years transforming himself into human platypus

Husband asks for divorce after seeing bride’s face for the first time

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