The Natural Choice

Published on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 31st is fast approaching. That sacred time of year where we all can embrace the darker side of life and indulge in practices that at any other time might raise the odd eyebrow. Perhaps you intend to re-watch a favourite horror film alongside an unsuspecting loved one, delighting in their unease. Perhaps you will be amongst friends, dressed as iconic cinematic murders whilst bobbing for apples. Or maybe you intend to knock on neighbourhood doors demanding candy in exchange for a night bereft of mischief? Here at LaptopZombie we’ll be participating in all of the above (with the exception of door knocking thanks to a number of restraining orders) as well as clawing our away out of the insides of horrific creatures before being painfully digested. That and we’ll be punching aliens in the face. You see dear readers, October 31st marks the highly anticipated release of Natural Selection 2 Combat from the twisted minds of former modders Faultline Games.

Quick history lesson for the uninitiated. It all began eleven years ago with a mod called Natural Selection. So popular it was that nine years later Natural Selection 2 was birthed. Now, present day Faultline Games will release Natural Selection 2 Combat via Steam on our favourite day of the year (nothing says Halloween than interspecies carnage on a mass scale). Here’s the skinny: “NS2: Combat pits aliens against space marines in a fast paced, action-packed struggle for survival. Part twitch-shooter, part stealth crawler, you can choose your own play style using one of seven different life forms.” With noticeable improvements for veterans, “Combat is a faster paced, more tactical, more intense take on the Natural Selection style of multiplayer shooter. It does not feature the strategic top-down commander role, and puts tactical choices in the hands of individual players. Choose your abilities, weaponry, life-form and equipment and then fight it out on tight, chaotic arenas.” If you need further convincing that this is in fact the best way to end a night of Pagan based jollies, simply watch the trailer below.

Release Date: 31 Oct, 2014

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