The Killing?

Published on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Like the majority of horror video game fans, we’re all for carnage on a global scale. We’re first in line to experience the next apocalypse. You’d be hard pressed to drag us away from all-out zombie warfare. There’s nothing we enjoy more than shooting a variety of creatures of the night in the face. That said, there are times we like to dial it down and experience horror on a more personal level, which the now-thriving indie scene does so well. Through The Woods is one such game, which tells the tale of one woman’s courageous quest to find her son. Quite how she lost him is unknown at present (we’ve all been there), but she’s literally hell-bent on retrieving him. To do this she’ll have to traverse mysterious woodlands on a small island off the west coast of Norway. Said island is rife with Fortean goodness, meaning the journey is bound to be harrowing. Describing itself as “a personal and difficult/serious story, in a setting inspired by Norwegian fables and Norse mythology”, the game has been Greenlit via Steam and is set for release “fall 2015”. For now, though, put down that shotgun, remove the self-grafted chainsaw from your arm, clean the blood from your eyes and watch the teaser below (then go find your kid).

Steam page:

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