The Hitch-Hiker

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015
THH Insta Poster

A few weeks ago we introduced you to innovative genre filmmaker Jaiden Frost and his series of original horror shorts made specifically for Instagram. Broken into 15 second segments, these bite-size chillers run the gamut from psychological thrillers to found footage to good old-fashioned slashers. Taking the concept of popular hashtag ‘Throwback Thursday’ as its starting point, Frost’s new project, THE HITCH-HIKER, is a remake of an old TWILIGHT ZONE episode. Consisting of twenty six 15 second episodes, the first two have been released on Frost’s Instagram page, along with a trailer and vlog giving a flavour of what’s to come. Boasting a creepy atmosphere, top-notch production values and a genuine commitment to innovation, the series looks like another winner from one of the internet’s rising horror stars.

‘A young woman driving cross country becomes frantic when she keeps passing the same man on the side of the road. No matter how fast she drives the man is always up ahead, hitching her for a ride.’

See the first two instalments here –

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