Silent Hill Takes Seed

Published on Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lifelong fans of the Silent Hill franchise have endured more than their share of disappointment over the years, what with lacklustre sequels (2 being the obvious exception) and terrible film adaptations, but they remain loyal to the franchise. Understandably so, as for every “Downpour” there’s a P.T. and for every “Book Of Memories” there’s fan service to make amends (such as the recent ‘pay what you want’ promotion for an album of music inspired by). One such piece of fan service not only offers you a chance to embark on a brand new Silent Hill adventure, but it does so without asking for a single penny. From out of the fog comes Silent Hill: Alchemilla, a Half-Life 2 total conversion mod using the Source engine. You only have to check out the official page to see how accurately the team have recreated the look and feel of Silent Hill games gone by, albeit without the monsters, melee combat or guns (they blame a lack of resource for the omissions). But don’t be put off, as five minutes in you’ll be forgiven for thinking this is a genuine SH game, and to that end we suggest you download your copy quick smart before the IP holders drag it back into the shadows…

Download here:

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