Nightmare On Your St.

Published on Monday, October 27, 2014

Following on from our previous suggestion of spending Halloween clawing your way out of an alien creature’s stomach using only your bare hands and demented determination, we’ve another equally appealing idea for you. Why not turn out the lights, don a swanky pair of headphones and delve into your deepest, darkest nightmare? While there you’ll be able to solve genuinely interesting and well-executed puzzles, and point and click your way around some rather horrific environments (loathed by even the Shadow People, apparently), while attempting to avoid one of the many unsettling entities dwelling just out of sight. You also get to kill a clown. Armor Games invites you to play in-browser and for free their latest lovingly-crafted horror adventure, The Deepest Sleep. Trust us, this is one nightmare you’ll be glad you experienced. Just don’t fall asleep…

“Here you are, at the final depth. Danger lurks behind every corner, even the Shadow People are afraid of this place. Will you be able to get back to the surface and wake up? Or will you remain here forever?”

The last part of the Deep Sleep trilogy. For the best gaming experience, use headphones and turn off the lights.

It is recommended to play the previous 2 games (Deep and Deeper Sleep)  if you haven't seen them before.

Play here:

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