Motion Sickness

Published on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Motion Sickness

When Cirque Du Soleil introduced Microsoft’s Kinect at last year’s E3 conference, it raised more than a few eyebrows amongst gamers, including those hoping for a horror application. Those hopes were seemingly quashed at this year’s E3, with Microsoft unveiling a parade of family-oriented games for the (admittedly impressive) hardware. As horrific as Kinectimals will undoubtedly be, it just doesn’t tick the right boxes. But salvation may be on hand from none other than Sega, who have announced Rise Of Nightmares, a forthcoming first person horror reminiscent of Silent Hill and House Of The Dead, adapted for motion control. Add to this the recent release of the “Red Band” trailer and you could be forgiven for showing interest in Kinect once more… 

From the site -

Horrifying and compelling

An unashamedly mature title in a sea of family-friendly offerings on Kinect for the first time, Rise of Nightmares takes you into a cinematic world of horrific blood and violence.

Unique motion controls

Use your whole body to fight the undead horde with physical brutality. Rise of Nightmares is an intensely immersive experience that brings horror to life like never before.

Explore and investigate.

Navigate through Viktor’s castle with free movement control, uncover the secrets held within and delve deeper into his the mind of a madman.

Deep and varied gameplay

Master the different fighting styles and various weapons, stealthy sneaking and puzzle-solving. Will you fall into the mansion’s traps or lure the undead into one of your own?

A complete experience

A full, cinematic gaming experience set in a twisted and astonishing world that grips you from the very start.

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The Red Band Trailer - 

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