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Published on Thursday, March 26, 2015
Human Gallery

One thing we’re all guilty of at some point in our lives is formulating breathtakingly shit ideas. Ideas so shit that if they were to be entered into a shit idea contest they would win first prize and you would be left with a golden shit statue adorning the mantelpiece for evermore. It’s a simple fact of life. One such monumentally shit idea occurs to the protagonist of The Human Gallery, the next horror video game from talented Finnish developer Jesse Makkonen (he of Silence of the Sleep fame). In the game players adopt the role of an artist who, bereft of inspiration, decides to enter the mind of a psychopath and have a little poke around in the hope of finding some pretty scenery to paint. Alas, it would seem that said painter unwittingly chose the wrong serial killer to mind-hike and things go terribly wrong…

This is one to look out for, as Makkonen’s past efforts have proven to be impressive works of atmospheric, tightly executed and unsettling horror goodness. You see, dear readers, some good did come from Jennifer Lopez’s The Cell after all…

“The Human Gallery is an upcoming 2D psychological horror game for PC.

You take the role of a painter who ventures into the mind of a psychopath in search of inspiration.

Soon it becomes clear that you can't wake from the nightmare you are wound up in.

Your only hope for awakening is to venture deeper into his mind...”

Follow the progress:


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