Grim Up North

Published on Thursday, January 8, 2015

What better way to escape the unforgiving cold, grey skies and biting wind than refusing to leave the house, huddling up to your PC screen and indulging in a horror gaming session? Especially if said game is heavily influenced by The Shadow Over Innsmouth and plays out in an unforgivingly cold, grey sky-covered Yorkshire village? It’s like going outside, inside! Sanctuary Interactive have released All The Way Down for all to play for free and we cannot think of a better example of fine free horror gaming to kick off 2015. While a tad short, this point and click horror adventure is a splendid piece of indie gaming goodness, with fine aesthetics, impressive audio, professional design and a genuinely chilling atmosphere which manages to slowly build the tension and dread that Mr Lovecraft himself was so adept at. Knowledge of the source material is not a prerequisite, just know that the game manages to portray the average Yorkshire village with a commendable accuracy. Trust us, we’d know.

Play here:

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