Eye Sore

Published on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It’s been a while since we last highlighted a fine piece of free horror gaming, so we thought we’d rectify the situation by allowing you to slice a person’s eyeball open with a razor blade. We’re nice like that. Firstly though, those of you with more of an eclectic taste in the strange and unusual may recall a short film by director Luis Buñuel. Un Chien andalou to be specific, whereby the viewer is subjected to increasingly surreal imagery which some viewers may find a tad unsettling. Here you go, take a ganders… (NSFW, mind you).

Did you enjoy that? You did, didn’t you. Don’t ever try to make contact with us or admit the fact to anyone else, ok? You sick mentalist.

Meanwhile, why not download and play a free game inspired by the above and, well, cut up some eyeballs.

You can grab The Tender Cut right here –


Or you could seek therapy.

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