Published on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here at LaptopZombie we know a thing or two about comics, which is why it’s such a pleasant surprise to encounter a talented new creator for the first time. Writer/artist Rivenis, also known as Andrew Blackman, is a self-taught illustrator originally hailing from London, who now lives and works in the Caribbean. A concept artist and published comics creator, he’s also exhibited in galleries and shows. One look at the surreal and disturbing images on his website is enough to confirm that he’s a gifted artist, but he’s also a storyteller, and his magnum opus, the nine-issue indie miniseries DISKORDIA: FEELS LIKE FALLING, is set to be released in a collected edition.

DISKORDIA has already proved a hit on digital comics platform Comixology, and it’s easy to see why. Rivenis’ artwork is stunning. Each page is fully painted, and even at its most functional it’s a joy to behold. It just gets better as the series progresses and the artist learns his craft, and there are certain panels and covers that are so good they’re gallery-worthy. Page layouts are inventive without being convoluted, and the character designs are as inspired as the rest of the series.

DISKORDIA describes itself as follows: ‘... a dark surreal fantasy tale that follows a socially maladjusted young man called Jackal Black as he tries to get through the process of living as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is not meant to be however as he finds himself falling through the dividing line between the top layer of reality and what lies beneath.’ By his own admission Rivenis is fascinated by dreams, and the nature of reality – and, more pertinently, unreality – is at the heart of the narrative. By turns fantastical, charming, chilling and horrific, DISKORDIA is a multi-layered work that weaves together a host of different plotlines and a variety of genres. As you might expect from a Cthulhu-inspired fever dream, the adult nature of the story extends to graphic nudity, violence and profanity, so this one isn’t for kids.

Comics aren’t cheap these days ($3.99 for 20 pages? You should be ashamed, Marvel), but at only $12.99 for 350 pages (including a sumptuous selection of those aforementioned gallery pieces) DISKORDIA is a steal. We’re picky about what we pimp on this site, but this is one project we have no qualms about recommending. Check it out and see what you think.



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