Deathly Presents

Published on Sunday, December 20, 2015

As regular readers will be aware, LaptopZombie has been on hiatus for some time now. Our commitment to all things horrific hasn't wavered, but the pressures of everyday life make it impossible for such a small team to sustain such an ambitious website. But that doesn't mean we can't rise from the grave from time to time, especially when we've got something as good as DEATHLY PRESENTS to share! The short film is the latest offering from the superlative Bloody Cuts team, the UK's premier purveyor of quality short scares. At only five minutes it's less ambitious in scope than their recent output (check out the highly accomplished THE OUTER DARKNESS for an example of their longer form storytelling), but is no less chilling, and boasts their hallmark lush visuals, superior production values and dark sting in the tail. So if you're tired of tinsel and sick of saccharine season's greetings, check out a Christmas carol with bite!

Visit the Bloody Cuts website, and enjoy all their mini-masterpieces on their YouTube channel.

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