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Published on Monday, September 29, 2014

Video gaming has its own collection of horror icons, dating back to the dawn of computing. From Pyramid Head to Nemesis, Shodan to Alma , be it starring in an official game or the work of a talented Modder, there’s always a chance to play alongside these wonderfully wicked characters. Those of you who are slightly longer in the tooth may recall one particularly nasty piece of work, affectionately referred to as Scissorman. The infamous Scissorman was the star of the classic Clock Tower franchise, and took a twisted delight in walking towards you (rather slowly at times) while considering how he was going to remove your head with his giant-sized scissors. Well, like all horror icons worth their salt, Scissorman is about to make his return…

Hifumi Kouno (the original Clock Tower) developer has announced Project Scissors, a spiritual sequel to Clock Tower. He’s also brought along some impressive friends in the form of Team Silent veteran Masahiro Ito and Takashi Shimizu, director of Ju-On. Kouno had this to say : “When conceiving the idea for a new horror game, I focused on staying true to the essence of what I created in Clock Tower, which was the edge-of-the-seat suspense and fear of an unknown”. He added "I have been preparing for this game for over 5 years – and now the development is finally about to begin." From the press release we know that the game takes place aboard a luxury cruise liner adrift at sea following a string of gruesome murders, but other than that we’re just going to have to wait. Project Scissors is set to release for the PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android devices. Absolutely one to watch.

Here’s their website:

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