Crystal Lake Summer Camp

Published on Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There’s a list of questions I ask myself every day, questions of singular import to the horror gaming world. Questions I never expected to be answered (unless I fulfilled the ambition of a lifetime and answered them myself). Imagine my surprise, therefore, to find that three vital examples had been  wiped off my list. Answered. Who’d have thought?

Q: Will there ever be an Alien game that does justice to the IP?

A: Yup. Alien: Isolation.

Q: Can the survival horror genre come back from the dead?

A: Yup. The Evil Within.

Q: Will anyone EVER develop (and release) a game that’s heavily influenced by ‘80s horror movies, specifically Friday The 13th, and is produced by the legend that is Tom Savini?

A: Yup. Summer Camp.

Well shit me.

“Welcome to Camp Forest Green (see what they did there Friday the 13th pt6 fans?), where your sleeping bag... Will be your body bag!”

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