Cottage Of Doom

Published on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back in 2007 Alex May’s Cottage Of Doom rightfully nabbed first place at the TIGsource B-Games competition. With its simplistic arena shooter credentials, frantic pace, charming pixel art and nerve-wracking tactical defence mechanics it was a runaway winner. The setup is a familiar one to fans of the horror genre, in that the player is trapped in a cabin with only planks of wood and a handy shotgun to survive. And survive you must, against wave after unforgiving wave of woodland-dwelling zombies. Do you go on the attack or spend precious time boarding up windows and doors? The choice is yours, but whatever you opt for will only delay the inevitable (a bloody and undignified death at the hands of said undead flesh-craving pests). Plenty of fun to be had, then, and the game remains a free download to this day. Grab it here:

Or you could shell out for the updated and improved remake that’s available this very minute for Windows, Linux and Mac. “Improvements over the original include an enriched environment, multiple playable characters, online high scores, and the ability to play on platforms other than Windows. More features are coming”.

Cottage of Doom remake available for purchase here:

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