I Thought You Were Dead

Published on Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time, resource and budgetary (as in we don’t have one) constraints mean we hardly ever post rumours and speculation. But for this little sci-fi horror nugget we’ll make an exception, if only to voice our concern. Those of us who still hold out hope that one day we’ll be graced with a video game adaptation worthy of the Alien franchise’s name (which suffered its most recent setback in the form of Alien: Colonial Marines), we’re looking in the direction of Total War developers Creative Assembly. We’ve known for some time that they’ve been working on a game set in the Alien universe, and one which is influenced by the original film rather than the action-centric sequels, but other than the odd leaked screenshot here and job postings there, little is known. Until recently, that is, as an “anonymous source” close to Kotaku claims to have inside info. What we do know is that Sega have trademarked the name Alien: Isolation, which Kotaku’s source claims is the next game in the series, wherein players adopt the persona of Amanda Ripley (mentioned in brief in a deleted scene from Aliens), daughter of Ellen, who is destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and face off against the Xenomorphs. Now, credibility issues aside, it has been claimed that the negative press surrounding Colonial Marines has forced Sega to keep a firmer watch over this new adaptation. If speculation is to be believed, however, the following statement seems to be a case of history repeating itself: “you'll mostly be shooting through clones and soldiers." Great. We’ll link to the original post, which has more “information” should you be interested.


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