Evil Dead The Game

Published on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Evil Dead The Game

You don’t always get what you want in life. There's no such thing as a sausage tree, hiding nice plump bangers among its crispy bacon leaves. The taps in our homes aren't labelled 'beer' and 'wine'. And, most lamentably of all, iOS's Evil Dead The Game is an exercise in disappointment.

Developed by TriggerApps and costing £1.79, Evil Dead The Game is a dual-stick shooter for iOS which allows the player to, “Play through the original film's plot and then some! Separated into two chapters, Autumn Horror lets you experience the film, and Winter Nightmare lets you feast on a brand new storyline!” Sounds good, right? Unfortunately the reality doesn’t live up to the hype. The first 12 levels effectively encompass the main events of the original Evil Dead, but the execution and gameplay leave a lot to be desired.

Taking control of a bobble-headed Ash, you spend the campaign walking to and from the infamous cabin in the woods, often in the company of members of the original cast. Along the way Ash encounters a fair few deadites, along with a greater number of killer plants, and tree- and water-dwelling beasties. The levels are short and repetitive, suffering from extremely poor level design, and can be completed in next to no time. Graphically the game is dated but competent, and there are enjoyable moments (the first time you get to wield the chainsaw, for example), but there’s no escaping the overall lack of entertainment. You’d expect a game in which your principle activity is dispatching an army of darkness with an assortment of weapons (including axe, chainsaw and boomstick) to at least be fun, but somehow it’s not. One of the game’s key innovations is the need to wipe the gore from the screen, but even this is just annoying.

There are a number of voice samples from the movie and pieces of the original score to add authenticity, but they do little to detract from the repetitive game mechanics, dated graphics and rushed campaign. And part two, the ‘Winter Nightmare,’ adds little to the experience. We know the franchise has what it takes to represent a successful gaming experience (just look at the recently released Army Of Darkness Defense), which makes it even more of a shame that Evil Dead just feels so utterly soulless. 

Score: 1.5 out of 5
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