The Tunnel

Published on Tuesday, July 12, 2011
The Tunnel

THE TUNNEL has two things going for it from the outset – it’s Australian and it purports to be a true story. Fine horror credentials if ever I heard them. A four-person news crew (consisting of presenter, cameraman, soundman and producer/trouble-shooter), descend into the maze of abandoned tunnels beneath Sydney, searching for evidence of itinerant dwellers and a possible Government cover-up. Natasha, the presenter, needs a win after a run of bad luck, and will do anything to secure the story. Including breaking the rules and leading her team into the bowels of the city without permits or permission...

The bulk of the story is assembled from footage shot by the crew on their fateful trip, augmented by interviews with the survivors and CCTV footage. It’s a familiar device, but is used effectively. A measured build-up allows us to get to know the crew, increasing the sense of peril when they finally start their descent. The threat is introduced slowly, in whispers and glimpses, and is never fully revealed, even when caught on camera. The claustrophobia is palpable, as is the crew’s terror as they find themselves stalked in pitch darkness by unknown assailants.

THE TUNNEL borrows the best elements of BLAIR WITCH, [REC] and THE DESCENT, and combines them in a genuinely eerie underground survival horror. It’s almost impossible not to hold your breath when the survivors are hiding, and to lean forward expectantly when they’re reviewing grainy night-vision footage of what very well might be monsters...

Convincing and very creepy.


Score: 3.5 out of 5
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